brown deer lying on brown wooden log during daytime

Locate Bigger Bucks  

A young hunter recently sent me a topo map of a 1,600 acre mountain parcel and asked me to help him locate a good place to hunt.  After a careful review of the map, I drew two small blue circles, each fifty yards downwind of a good location.

His response: "How did you know where to put that blue dot?  That's where my grandpa shot a hundred-eighty inch buck."

Centripetal Rut & Topo Tactics for Whitetails will help you understand why and where big bucks go during the mysterious lockdown phase of the whitetail rut.  It will also provide you with an in-depth analysis of the topographic features big bucks favor. 

In the final chapters of the book I break down a mountain and its features to show you how I narrowed down the 1,600 acres to two spots.

And 44 years of mountain hunting experience are yours for $10.00.

I promise you will not be disappointed.

                     --Myron Brubaker


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