brown deer on green grass field during daytime

Centripetal Rut

In the book I use four arguments to show the whitetail rut is centripetal.  Behavioral evidence, rub and scrape locations and usage, a spectacular trail camera sequence, and various telemetry studies all support a novel theory about the whitetail rut peak.

The buck photo is one of 33 in a series that helps prove centripetal rut theory.  See all the photos and learn how to use a topo map to locate whitetail breeding pods.

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Loaded With Diagrams & Maps

Learn to predict thermal currents and buck bedding locations on topo maps.  Then plan your best approach based on your knowledge of how the bucks will use the wind to navigate.

brown deer on green grass field during daytime

A mountain can hold a lot of great spots for mature bucks.

Learn how to narrow down the best spots to two. 

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